Ready for All Kinds of Weather…



“In the morning sow your seed, and at evening withhold not your hand, for you do not know which will prosper, this or that, or whether both alike will be good.” {Ecclesiastes 11:6}
It’s been a snowy, windy and cold winter week. {Photo credit: (c) Kim M. Bennett, 2015}

I grew up in Upstate New York, so you’d think I’d be used to snow like we’ve had in Connecticut lately.

Well, I didn’t like it as a kid (go ask my mom — she’ll tell you), and I don’t like it now.

So far, over the past two weeks, we’ve had nearly 3′ of snow, with an additional foot on the way for this weekend and into Tuesday.

But I know that our winter snow becomes the water that makes my spring garden grow so well, so I will tolerate it for the joy I’ll receive later.


Let It Snow… Let It Snow… Let It Snow…
Lots of winter weather last week… and lots more to come this week! {Photo Credit (c): Kim M. Bennett, 2012}


Have you visited my “Winter Wonderland” Pinterest board yet? I’ve begun pinning a bunch of wintry nature studies, blog posts and seasonal ideas for use during the wheezy, breezy days of mid-winter.


Also, if you haven’t followed my nature study Facebook page, A Child’s Garden on Facebook, yet, pop on over to see winter teaching ideas, and more.




So while I was stuck inside, I busied myself making homemade soup stock from kitchen parings, spices and herbs, soup bones and other delicious ingredients that I keep on hand in the freezer. Want to know the secret for having homemade stock any day of the week? Read, “Homemade Stock, Without the Stress!

I got to spend a lot of time reading about blogging, writing about blogging, planning to blog, and {of course} blogging! One of “My 2015 Goals: Looking Back… Looking Forward…” was to re-invest my time into my blogging life. Part of my blogging endeavors was to start this new weekly feature, “The Week in Review,” to recap my online musings for the previous week. Check out the first installment, “On Planting Seeds: The Week in Review,”  I also shared a little about myself, and how this blog became entitled, On Planting Seeds, in “From One Small Seed … {a little about me}
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Digging Through the Snowdrifts into Next Week…


More Winter, and More Winter Projects


This week I will address a reader question about how to make the most of calendar routines, by reviewing how to use the calendar to track weather and sky observations with preschool, primary and elementary grade students.

We will also share two of our inquiry studies on two common winter road treatments: rock salt or ice melt, and sand.

We need to revamp our bird-feeding station at our house. After we finish, we’ll do some winter bird watching.


Riddle: How Do You Eat an Elephant?


Did you know that February is International Expect Success Month? I will break down my 2015 goals into bite-sized, manageable pieces that ensure I will successfully meet them. {If you want to know the answer to the riddle, you’ll have to come back and read this post on setting long- and short-term goals!}


Daily Reflections


Another new feature coming soon will be “Daily Seeds to Sow” — daily reflections that I have been writing and sharing for some time, which readers have encouraged me to promote here.


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