On Planting Seeds...

… Sowing on Good Soil, and Reaping Joy Every Day!

Who I Am

A Little About Kim Bennett (me!)…


I am a Christian woman who loves being outside, looking at little things in nature, watching kids and being home (or anywhere!) with my husband, children and grandchildren. I try to grow as a woman of God and a life-long learner, every day, and love learning new things and visiting new places.

I have four children (ages 8, 22, 24 and 30!), and five grandchildren (ages 1 ½ to 10). We have used various combinations of public school, private school and homeschool with the lot of them. Our youngest son has been mostly homeschooled for his life.

We do a lot together as a family, with our rescued dog, Lucky, usually in tow. In addition to my home and homeschool “jobs,” I work as an educational consultant in schools around the country, sharing what I learned as a high school and elementary teacher with other educators. I have a BS in agriculture, and an MS in botany and education, and have taught preschool through adult education, including special education and vocational agriculture. My teaching credentials have included vocational agriculture, adult education and early childhood/special education.

The things I most like to do, for fun, include puttering around in my gardens, writing about all kinds of things, and sitting on the beach – any beach. Wherever I’ve lived, we’ve always expanded our living space to include a gazebo, patio garden or other outdoor living area. If we lived in California, I’d never come inside – but Connecticut weather gets a bit wet and chilly sometimes for that!

I currently manage five blogs. I started On Planting Seeds  to gather all my “things” into one area. This blog is the “mother ship” of my blogs, collecting all my miscellaneous thoughts and reflections on homeschool and home – little “seeds” — and holding the other places together, like a giant index. It is also the place where I write the most about my Bible studies. A Child’s Garden  focuses mostly on nature study, and includes more full-length activities and lessons for outdoor education – I started that blog during our first years as homeschoolers, and continue to add to it regularly. Books and Blooms  is a review of the two things I love most — plants and books — that have entered my home and yard. Like a little window into my garden and book purchases! Back to the Garden  focuses on wellness, cooking and other “good living” topics, and was the “child” I gave birth to during my recovery from breast cancer in 2009. For the public school teachers, I created Tip of the Week, which contains articles more aligned with educators in a school setting, although there is cross-over.

I am always looking for something new to learn – I thank God for that spirit of inquisitiveness — and I can’t wait to share it with all of you!


2 thoughts on “Who I Am

  1. Hi Kim. You have a nice blog here. I enjoyed reading through several of your posts under Bible Study.

    As a tip, I wanted to share with a free tool for you blog called Reftagger (dot) com.

    It automatically links any of your scripture references (so you dont have to go back and hyperlink them. It’s powered by Biblia (dot) com.

    Hope you find value in this.

    Keep on blogging!

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