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Helpful Planning Pages Links


I am, by nature, an orderly thinker. You wouldn’t know it from looking at my house, always, but I like things in place in my mind.

I work outside the home (I have my own business that takes me into schools for part of my day). In order to homeschool, my work, homemaking and homeschool schedules must be aligned. While I don’t want to be consumed by a minute-by-minute schedule that makes me afraid to veer off and enjoy an impromptu joke-fest or bubble-blowing extravaganza with my family, or doesn’t allow for us all deciding to take off to the beach for the day, I still need some structure, so that I make sure I get the important things done.

Homeschoolers are wonderfully organized people, and they share. A lot. The list below includes some places where homeschoolers have shared some of their planning pages and homeschool schedulers. I will keep adding to the list as I come to them. I have included links to other sites at the bottom of the page, but haven’t accessed all of them yet. As I familiarize myself with them, I’ll include mini-reviews in the narrative, below. Happy planning!


DonnaYoung.org Homeschool Printables and Resources has a ton of free printable resources for scheduling just about any aspect of your homeschool life, from grades to weekly menus, to the lessons from A Child’s History of the World. When I first started homeschooling my youngest son in the middle of 1st grade, and didn’t have any idea how to begin, DonnaYoung.org and Ambleside Online (and the local library) were my lifelines. If you’re looking for a one-stop location for planning homeschool, check out Donna’s site.


Debra Reed (of NotebookingPages.com) also hosts MomsToolBelt.com, the home of all things related to running your home, whether you homeschool or not. She offers a generous sample of free home scheduling pages, and access to a wealth of planning and scheduling pages with a paid (inexpensive) annual membership (NOTE: I have a membership to her Notebooking Treasury, and there is more there than I could ever use, and it’s beautiful, so I would imagine that her home scheduling material is equally gorgeous). Check out her site for a free downloadable sample set.



The Notebooking Fairy has a great article on organizing the homeschool parent’s notebook: what to keep track of, what to use for resources, how to enter information, sources for pages, etc. I love how-to articles. And the Notebooking Fairy’s pages for notebooking are great, too.


The Notebooking Fairy -- printables and how-tos with a pinch of pixie dust


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