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Downloadable Resources

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About This Page

I am slowly collecting the many resources I’ve created, into one central spot. Please feel free to download these and copy as you need to for your own homeschool or classroom use. I only ask that you leave my attribution on the form when you reproduce it. Please feel free to share the free resources, but do not share the link to the .pdf. Rather, share the link to the page, and, if you blog about any of the resources, direct your readers to the source page to download, instead. Thanks so much!

I am compiling some of my reproducibles into e-book format, at which point they will no longer be free (I will be adding new content, links and additional resources to these “bundles”). So come back often and make use of these items!

If you want more information on an item that is for sale, click on the link, provided, for the blog post that introduces that item, or click over to the Simple Science Strategies Store for more product information and some free downloadable samples.

Featured Download!


Ancient Rome: Vocabulary Work

Ancient Rome

Science Notebooking Series 2012-13

  • An Apple a Day” – 23-page e-Book of science journaling pages on flower and fruit structures – $1.95
  • Autumn Leaves: A Plant Study” – 23-page e-B00k of science journaling pages on leaf color, arrangement and structures – see blue box, above, for directions on obtaining a FREE promotional copy.
  • Nests, Nests, Nests!” – a 25-page e-Book of science journaling pages on animal nests – $1.95

Chore Charts

  • Keeping Track of My Day” – 10-page set of chore charts for morning, afternoon, and evening routines, plus blank ones. All are totally customizable. (FREE)

Observation Sheets & Organizers (all FREE)


General Vocabulary Resources

Images & Word Art


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