On Planting Seeds...

… Sowing on Good Soil, and Reaping Joy Every Day!

Welcome to “On Planting Seeds”

Shalom, a name of God (Hebrew characters). &qu...
Shalom(Hebrew characters).  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hope you enjoy your visit to my blog today.

Use the navigation menu at the top to explore the various sections of the blog. Know that I am moving some items from another blog, so the homeschooling section will emerge over the course of the next several days, as I “remodel” things.

For my most recent posts, please see the “News” section under the “Home” tab.

The “site map:”

  • Home: Recent posts (“News”), and some legal stuff that bloggers must post.
  • About Me: My bio, things I like, things I do (besides blogging :)), places to find me online,  and other tidbits so you will know me better.
  • Bible Study: My Bible learnings
  • Teacher Talk: Link to my business blog, “Tip of the Week” and articles on teaching and learning strategies, A-Z
  • *Homeschool: A ton of things about our homeschool, other people’s homeschools, and homeschool philosophy
  • *Printables: A collection of my printable items, all in one place
  • Blog Carnivals: Blogs I link up with and share content with
  • Good Living: Other articles and links on keeping home and living a healthy, Christian lifestyle

Peace. Shalom. Salaam. Kisses and hugs, too!

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4 thoughts on “Welcome to “On Planting Seeds”

  1. I’ve nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger Award–I hope you will accept it and enjoy it for awhile. I truly find your writings inspiring!! 🙂 See my post, entitled Inspiring Blogger Award, 6/8/12, for details.

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