Angels are ready and waiting to guard and serve you.

For He will give His angels charge concerning you, to guard you in all your ways. They will bear you up in their hands, that you do not strike your foot against a stone.…” {Psalm 91:11-12}

Are you in the midst of a time of trouble?

If you are a child of God, troubles DO come. But you don’t ever have to worry about danger, or trouble, or need overcoming you. God has already assigned angels to guard you and protect you. All you need to do is ask.

{This post is Part 4 of a series entitled, “Staying Connected: The Power of Prayer}


Entertaining Angels


My husband, Anthony, is an amazing man. He is able to look past the exterior of a person and see the innermost spirit man of that person. This discerning of spirits allows him to do great work for the Lord, as he sees people just as God, Himself, sees them.

He is also generous, to a fault. You know the Scripture, “Give to whomever asks of you” {Luke 6:30}? I have learned a lot about generosity from my husband. He is a very giving man, and gives freely of his time, talent and treasure, on a daily basis.

One evening, we were driving home from a community meeting. As we passed by a local halfway house, we spotted an older man, dirty, disheveled, walking down the main road near a convenient store. My husband was moved with compassion for the man: you see, he remembered a time when he was homeless, and his heart pained for the man, who appeared to be down on his luck.

He said to me, “Baby, we have to help that man out. Is that okay?” I have learned to take my husband’s leading in these matters, as he is never wrong ~ God has given him that gift of discernment. So we pulled into the halfway house parking lot and turned the car around, beckoning the man to come to the car window.


Angels Among Us


Anthony rolled down the window, and told the man he was moved to help him, explaining that he had once lived in that very halfway house, and had been down and out, once, too. As he pulled his wallet out (we had a new baby, and not much money, but this has never stopped my husband – a blessing for us), the gentleman protested and said, “No, no, I can see what this looks like, but I just got off work – I work on old houses!” And he pulled out the biggest wad of money I’ve ever seen in one pocket!

Then the man laughed, and did the most amazing thing: rather than become offended, or defensive about our very incorrect assumption — he blessed us. He blessed my husband, me, our marriage, our child, our extended family, and our home. I mean, not a “God bless you, man,” kind of blessing, but words like God used over Abraham, and like Isaac used over Jacob.

We drove home silently, feeling a little like Abraham must have felt when he realized he had just eaten dinner with God and two angels. There is a Scripture that says, “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares” {Hebrews 13:2}. Now I know that to be true!

 Someone to Watch Over Me


God has angels assigned to guard and protect His children. He can, and does, send them without our bidding. But you  can pray for angels to assist you, as well. If you don’t believe that is so, listen to this amazing story:


Do you need an angel today? Let’s pray for one, right now…

Heavenly Father, we thank You that You are a loving God, a vigilant God, and a merciful God. We know that Your eye is forever searching the earth, watching over Your children. We also know that You have assigned angels to guard, protect and serve Your children. Father, we pray right now for the one reading this message.

Send a warrior angel to guard over this one’s home, so that evil may not enter, and anyone who does enter is instantly saved. Father, send guardian angels to accompany the children and loved ones as they go about their day, so that they are protected from all hurt, harm and danger. Send angels of peace and comfort to those in need of solace, to minister love and compassion to those in emotional need.

Father, we know that it is Your will that we are peaceful, safe and protected, as even the shoes of the Israelites, even in their disobedience, did not wear out in the wilderness, and their needs were met with miraculous food from Your own hand. So we thank You that our request has been heard, and that the answer is already on the way. In Jesus’ Name… Amen!