Every Year, a Celebration

I recently celebrated a birthday. Not a landmark birthday, but close. Since (successfully) making it through breast cancer treatment in 2009 and 2010, each birthday is celebrated and each new year alive is NOT taken for granted. Since then, I have also been treated for thyroid cancer (2012). So the big boys decided it was time to take Mom out for her birthday, in style.

Celebrating Life at the Asian Bistro, Mansfield, Connecticut

I have raised a family of foodies. My youngest son is little, so he is in the eating phase, still. The middle one used to watch food shows then ask permission to recreate the desserts — which he did very well, I might add. The eldest is a Bobby Flay fanatic, and loves everything about Japanese food. So he suggested a family dinner, hibachi style.

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A hibachi birthday dinner, at the Asian Bistro. (c) Kim M. Bennett, 2013

I had never been to a hibachi before. If you’ve never tried a hibachi dinner, please know that it’s worth every penny you pay. Our chefs wielded amazingly sharp cleavers like acrobats, chopping, twirling and tossing them to one another, like jugglers. They showed us how to eat with chopsticks (some of us were experts, others needed rubber bands for helpers), and introduced us to sake as a dinner beverage.

Tableside meal preparation was so much fun, and involved interaction with the cooks (in English and Japanese), family-style fun with other meal patrons, and lots of fire (as in the photo, above).

We enjoyed sushi, sake bombs, scorpion bowls, and an assortment of great meats and veggies grilled on the hibachi, followed by coconut ice cream and green tea.

Celebrating a Cancer-Free Life

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(c) Kim M. Bennett, 2013