Goal #1: Drink More Water!

Don’t you just love crossing something off your “to-do” list?

Here’s one, and it’s a biggy for me:

Goal #1… DONE!

How I Drank All That Water (And I Really DID):

I saw this great pin on Pinterest, where you mark your water bottle to indicate your water-drinking goal. I HATE to drink water (I don’t know why…), so Bob Harper‘s idea of one glass of water before each meal was a great start for me.

The Skinny Rules, by Bob Harper. $8.61 at Barnes & Noble (click image to order).

I have this humongous water bottle that I DON’T use (yeah, another pet peeve of mine — grown folks slurping from a water bottle. Reminds me of a sippy cup and a kid who is too old for one. Can you see how hard this was for me already? Yeesh…). Using the idea from the Pinterest pin, I marked the bottle with a Sharpie, in reverse order, so I could how far down I had to drink.

Each line on the water bottle represented an 8 oz serving of water. (c) Kim M. Bennett 2013

Because this is not just about hydration, but about weight reduction, the idea is to drink the full 8 oz of water before I eat my meal: if my stomach is full of water, I won’t fill it with so much food.

I will be honest and say that sometimes I forgot to drink before my meal. But I never forgot to drink the water. To me, this much water was about 300% more than I drank during a normal day, ever.  I kept track though: for the 21 days of this goal, I forgot to drink the water before the meal on four days, for a success rate of 81% — I’ll take it, for my first goal.

The Water Situation Continues…

I was very proud of myself for other reasons, too:

  • I cut out sugary drinks (Kool-Aid, soda, juices). Admittedly, I have never been a big drinker of these things, but I just stopped. When I drink juice, I juice it myself, and add no additional sweetener. I actually use it as a breakfast many days.
  • I cut down on alcoholic beverages. Again, not a big issue, but I will split a beer with someone instead of drinking the whole thing, and use a smaller glass for wine now. I think I had 1/2 a beer all week this week.
  • I stopped buying coffee on the way to work. I didn’t do this alot, but if you ever wonder why you just LOVE Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, watch closely while they put the sugar in. Oh, MY! They put like 7 heaping spoons in. I drink black coffee at home, so either bring a travel mug with me, or go without.

Which leads me to the goal I’m currently working on…

Goal #2: Don’t Drink Your Calories

This goal will also help me increase my water intake because I’ll be replacing these other beverages with water (can you even believe it?).

Pinterest (my favorite social media outlet now…) has a pile of pins on the benefits of drinking more water. They will be a great help to me as I work on this
new goal.

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Next Up: Cutting Down on Liquid Calories. (c) Kim M. Bennett, 2012

Are You Up for the Water Challenge?

  1. Send me words of encouragement! You can monitor my progress on my goal in the sidebar widget.
  2. Buy The Skinny Rules: The Simple, Nonnegotiable Principles for Getting to Thin. Don’t take it from me: take it from Bob!
  3. Check out posts on the benefits of drinking water. If other people have done it — like me! — you can too!

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