Gotta Love Technology…

I can remember, about four years ago, glancing over as a colleague checked her email on a NOOK Color she had received from her parents for a gift.

I commented that I didn’t think I’d ever want to give up an actual book, with pages and a cover and whatnot.

So here I am, four years later, with a laptop, a desktop computer, a Smart Phone, and a NOOK Color, and contemplating (over and over again) what NEW toy   gadget productivity tool I should purchase for my home and office use.

I read. I read books, and magazines, and web-based journals, and blogs. LOTS of blogs. And I read them all, on ALL of my devices. AND in paper copies, too! But I love the ability to click on a word and look it up online, or click a hyperlink (did I say I love hyperlinks?) to find out more information. So much to learn, and so little time!

My son reads The Swiss Family Robinson and does research on the NOOK Color. (c) Kim M. Bennett, 2012.

I love my NOOK Color. At first, I absolutely refused to buy anything. If it wasn’t free, I didn’t get it. Now, for the convenience of taking things with me (books that were free to read on my computer, but $0.99 to download to my NOOK) or just seeing it larger — old eyes, you know (Words With Friends on my phone is just too hard on my eyes, so I broke down and bought the $1.99 app for my NOOK), I am using my little tablet for everything. I can access my email away from the office, read a document someone sends me, and the Google calendar sync is better on my NOOK than (presently) on my Android phone.

HD is the Way to Be…

I didn’t think about HD until my youngest son started using my NOOK for online research for school. He watches videos all the time, and has even figured out how to play games on the NOOK ( I didn’t even know you could — leave it to the kid to find out).

Barnes & Noble is offering a SWEET deal on apps if you purchase their new NOOK HD or HD+…  The price ranges from $199 to $299, depending on how much memory you want (although you can add a memory card to expand any of them).

Barnes & Noble

We looked at the Google Chromebooks before Christmas, and were not impressed with their (lack of) heft. I just couldn’t imagine putting one in the hands of a child. I could imagine it being left on the bed, open, and being used as a nest by the dog. Or “poked” too enthusiastically by a gesturing 9-year-old playing a video game. Not. So we keep searching.

Stay Tuned…

My son is keeping his eye on my old NOOK Color, and my husband is coveting my laptop. I’ll keep you posted about what I choose to buy next.