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This is what we have…

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(c) Kim M. Bennett, 2013

This is what I long for…

(c) Kim M. Bennett, 2012

I don’t know if Punxatawny Phil saw his shadow earlier this month, but it looks as if it will be quite some time before we will see the ground in Connecticut, let alone dig into it. Nevertheless, it is time for the annual “gear up for gardening” frenzy in our household.

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

Here is my list of ten things I plan to do this month to get ready for Gardening Season 2013 (from my January Gardening “To-Do” List Pinterest board):

Gardening in February:

ONE: Buy and read All New Square Foot Gardening.

$14.96 at Barnes & Noble. Click image for ordering information.

My dad is a die-hard “square-foot gardener.” When my parents moved to Florida several years ago, it took them awhile to adjust to the sandy soil of Jacksonville, after many years of the deep loam of Upstate New York. Planting veggies in raised boxes solved not only this sandy, salty soil situation, but also the problem of their tiny yard.

My yard isn’t that tiny, but I tend to try to cram too much into it. This might just do the trick. I’m excited!

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NEW magazine from the publisher of Mother Earth News (with a little help from Martha Stewart).

TWO: Subscribe to Mother Earth Living for (more?) gardening ideas. I have been a long-time subscriber to both Mother Earth News and Martha Stewart Living. This collaborative effort is right up my alley! I just subscribed last week, and can’t wait to get the first issue. If you subscribe now, you get a free digital version, as well, for your iPad or Android device.

While we’re on the reading kick…

THREE: Read some great articles on gardening with heirlooms. I’m fascinated with heirlooms. My eldest son asked me why. I don’t really know. Except that they just seem right and better.

Here are the articles that caught my eye last month:

Not only do these satisfy my love of heirlooms, but they also fit into this year’s homeschool history period: Colonial America — so, how can I NOT try out these ideas?

So many free pages available for gardening journals! (c) Kim M. Bennett, 2013

FOUR: Start a gardening journal. I renewed a love of notebooks when I started homeschooling my youngest son. It’s only fitting that I have my own notebook! I put it together last week, and I love it. It’s a great place to hold all my ideas and keep my lists. I have lots of lists. Maybe you can relate.

I mostly used pages available for free at Frugal Living, but did create some of my own and find others that I liked on other sites.

FIVE: Reserve a community plot (or two). I can get a lot out of my garden at home, but would like to can this summer, so I plan to rent some space at a wonderful, organic community plot nearby — a good spot for those “Three Sisters” and the tomatillos that take over the garden.

SIX: Make seed lists. I sat with my eldest son (a gardening fanatic, like his mom and grandfather, and great-grandfathers, and so on…). We pored over seed catalogs the other night, and I selected hot and sweet peppers, tomatoes, and tomatillos (to sow indoors) and greens (to sow in pots outside, early in the spring). I think I’m sticking with Totally Tomatoes and Seeds of Change this year.

(c) Kim M. Bennett, 2011

SEVEN: Plan a new hedge. We have a terribly overgrown privet hedge that we plan to raze this spring, before it leafs out. I’m trying to decide on replacement ideas for defining areas of the yard (with or without plants). “Perfect Hedges” has some ideas. Time to break out the planning grid in my notebook!

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(c) Kim M. Bennett, 2011

EIGHT: Get in the garden! Of course, I need to find the surface first —

patience is, indeed, a virtue. When the snow melts (and it WILL melt), I’ll trim back roses and coneflowers.

In the meantime, there are bloggy things I can do that keep the gardening part of my brain happy:

NINE: Add pins to my February Gardening Pinterest board. I collect ideas from Mother Earth News, MyGarden.org, Grit and many other resources, and pin the ones that tickle my fancy, for future reference. (Did I say yet that I just love Pinterest? In case you don’t know, here’s my love note to it…)

gardening https://bugsandstuff.wordpress.com

TEN: Move my “Books & Blooms” blog to “On Planting Seeds.” In a move toward simplicity, I’m collapsing a new blog (developed last year) into this one. You will find these, and any new, garden posts as a tab on this blog. I’d rather spend more time futzing in the garden than managing blogs. Do I see any trowels raised in agreement?

My Gardening “Bug” — Where It All Started…

Funny as it may sound, this Sesame Street video is my inspiration for my gardening life. Here is is for you to enjoy. Maybe it brings back memories to some of you, too (click the image to link to the video):

“Come Into the Garden” – Sesame Street Classic video from the early 80’s [Image credit: (c) Kim M. Bennett, 2012]

When Did You Get Bitten by the Gardening Bug?

Leave a comment and share how you first discovered your love of gardening.