Collage Friday
Storm Charlotte/Storm Nemo is underway here in Connecticut. (c) Kim M. Bennett 2013

We are hunkered down today.

There is plenty of food. I have buckets of water drawn for flushing and drinking. Two bags of sidewalk salt sit in the back seat of my car. No schools are open anywhere, and the Governor is closing the highways.

Connecticut calls this “Storm Charlotte,” but the National Weather Service chose the name “Nemo.” I like Charlotte, better. So far, she’s given us about 6″ of snow, but we are told that there is plenty more where that came from!

So I have time (and still have power!) to get some blogging done this afternoon.

Homegrown Learners


Our Great Homeschool Week (in Pictures):

[all photos (c) Kim M. Bennett 2013 – no use without permission!]

Collage Friday

We left off our Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day work to pursue some unit studies, and thought it appropriate to pick it back up when we discovered a bunch of great birds’ nests during our fall nature study work.

Collage Friday

Here, our son is working on designing the perfect nest for a nine-year-old boy! His design was complete with an extension cord and full complement of video paraphernalia. A far cry from this warbler’s nest!

Collage Friday What's Really Important

Last week, I shared the notebook cover and divider pages  we made for our Ambleside Year 4 history work (History from the Puritan Migration through the French Revolution).

We continue to read Robinson Crusoe, and use it for our language arts skills instruction. We include Robinson Crusoe as part of our history work, as it was both written and set during the time period of our history study. We compare it to The Swiss Family Robinson as we read.

Collage Friday Colonial History

Little Man wanted to choose an Independent Project for part of his work. He is fascinated by things like Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster. He is currently using a discussion frame to find text evidence to both support and refute that the Loch Ness Monster is actually a modern-day plesiosaur. Only after finding evidence for both sides will he be allowed to choose his stance. Tough work!

Collage Friday

We have raised three LEGO lovers in our house. When not building with LEGOs, our youngest son can be found reading books about LEGOs or watching You Tube videos with LEGO versions of popular movies or “how-to’s”.

Collage Friday

Among his independent reading books this week:

  • Star Wars LEGO Visual Dictionary
  • Star Wars LEGO Character Encyclopedia
  • The LEGO Book

We are also reading Cymbeline, by William Shakespeare, and using this great set of biography pages by Smart Chick to write about each character.

At first he balked (“I can’t read Shakespeare! I’m just a kid!”). But Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare are put together as narratives, instead of plays, and use kid-friendly language, so he was pleasantly surprised.

Collage Friday

I can’t wait for more chapters of his current “novel” – The Rolling Donut (just the working title — he hasn’t decided on a title yet). — it’s very funny! HINT: it involves a contest, sneezing, a party and a Presidential pardon.Collage Friday

Bringing a little Irish pub culture into our house, the little guy mounted his dart board on the outside of his bedroom door last week – he and dad have great fun practicing with these clever, safe darts (they have hollow tips that slide onto the plastic nubs of the dart board).

Collage Friday

He has taken up recorder this past week, and we had recorder and trombone concerts every night. The cats are finally used to it!

Notes About Our Resources:

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