I love Pinterest.

I know, I’ve told you all before. But I really do.

I recently did a little survey on my blogs and websites, and asked people questions about their social networking habits. While people equally used Facebook and Pinterest, if they only had one social networking site to use, 80% of the respondents said they’d use Pinterest.

I looked over my last 10 pins to see what has been on my mind (and on my “pin board“) lately. Here are my last ten items, but board:

Who Doesn’t Like Free?

The Notebooking Fairy -- printables and how-tos with a pinch of pixie dust

Free stuff topped my pin list this week:

Writing Like a Champ

Writing Like Abraham Lincoln

My youngest son is a prolific writer. He writes chapter books, graphic novels, video game character bios, personal journals… We have bins full of his notebooks. So I’m always looking for more writing ideas.

  • “Homeschool Journals,” by Evelyn Saenz, on the benefits of using blank notebooks (ahhh… more notebooks… ) for writing, at Squidoo
  • The Letter and Ledger, from Paper & Type, helps you organize your letter-writing supplies and keep track of your old-fashioned letters ($14.00)

Oh, to be Organized…

Office Moving 3 in 30

Speaking of organization — that was another theme this week. I am in the middle of a grand re-organization, moving office furniture into my new office space downstairs, carving out a corner of our living room for my son, for a writing table (which, of course, requires moving some other things), and organizing paperwork for 2012 taxes. I pinned two items from Mama Jenn, on goal-setting (I’ll need them both):

Simple Science Strategies on Pinterest

Strategies for science education

Two of the items previously mentioned also got pinned to my science website’s Pinterest board, for use in an upcoming newsletter:

Rounding out the list:

Volunteering Charity Thanksgiving

On Collage Friday Posts, I pinned a review of last week’s home and homeschool activities, in “Holidays & Wild Things,” on this blog…

Can you even stand it? Chocolate-Walnut Freezer Fudge (from Paleo Mom) on Mmmmm… This Looks Good (must have fudge)…

A great article on doing everything as if for God: “Does My Job Really Matter?” (, pinned to My Bible Studies.

I hope you find some of these pins helpful! Happy pinning to you, too!

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