What a week! Within the space of seven days, we will have had a hurricane/superstorm, our first winter storm and snow day, and 62 degree (plus) weather (in that order!). You’ve gotta love New England in the fall…

I took the opportunity on this, our first snow day, to catch up on some odds and ends. So this collage is going to be full of a lot of oddments…

Homegrown Learners

A New Writing Tool!

(And other fun technology…)

I love scrapbooking. I love technology. And, of course, my kids love technology do, too. So imagine my delight to find (and download) a free digital scrapbooking tool, MyScrapNook, this week. We put it to use today, to make a mini-scrapbook of our outdoor escapades in the snow.
We also had some fun with Wordles – something my son knew about before I did (isn’t that always the case?). I created one for a Squidoo lens on our two apple experiments that I wrote about last week (“Two Easy Apple Experiments“). It occurred to me that these would make great cover art for reports or notebooking projects, and also unique word walls.

I learned how to use Rafflecopter recently. I wanted to remind everyone that we are giving away an All Season Indoor Composter, from UncommonGoods (retail value, $48!) on A Child’s Garden. Please click over and enter to win. The raffle extends through the end of November.

Look What the Storm Blew In…

We have discovered some really interesting autumn nature finds as we have explored outside after the hurricane, including an old nest from the many orioles that we have nesting on the edge of the state forest that borders our neighborhood. What a surprise that was, after such a terrible storm! We will be writing about fall and winter nature treasures that leafless trees reveal, in A Child’s Garden, later this month.

Bento the Night Away…

We continue to be fascinated with bento box lunches, for the young and the old in the house. I wasn’t enamoured with all the extra packaging from all those cute sized items that most moms were putting in them, however. It just grated against my composting/gardening/reduce… reuse… recycle nerves terribly. So I had to problem-solve that one a bit.

So… I DID use Ziploc baggies (the sandwich and snack size ones) and we DO re-use them (if they’re only used for things like dry cereal and whatnot). Maybe your child’s lunchbox is neat and tidy at the end of the day. I have yet to have a child whose lunchbox doesn’t look like an explosion happened in the middle of their applesauce cup at some point in the day. And I cannot tell you how many times a juicebox comes home half empty, with a trail of juice leading from the front walk all the way to the kitchen. Ick. So the baggies solve a lot of problems, and make us all happier. PLUS I spend more money on actual food and less on packaging, which makes me feel much better.

I want to figure out how to add those little label boxes in Flickr — one of my next techie projects. I just love a good techie project!

Finished Projects

Little Man pronounced his Sock Walk Video complete, but it has to go thru “editorial review” (Mami being editor-in-chief) then we’ll post it. He’s excited.

He has also invented a card game that he is teaching a group of friends tomorrow. Once he perfects the game play, we’ll share it.

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