Is there such a thing as a “normal” week?

It’s hard to know, when you live in a house where both parents own their own (one-person) businesses, dad is a professional musician, and you hybrid homeschool. But, even by that unusual standard, this past week was most definitely NOT normal!

Here’s the week, in photos and words…



After seeing all those tasty meals on Pinterest, my youngest pressed me into creating the first of his (hopefully) many Bento box lunches. We were both pretty psyched about this. I have to figure out how to post it to Flickr and do that little labeling thing that the other moms do.  For the second lunch, I broke down and put things into little Ziploc baggies, too (“Bring back the baggies!”), because, although it was packed tightly and things didn’t move, as I expected, my son knocked the first one over after he took the lid off (oops), and had a mix-master of a time.

We wrapped up our apple experiments, and wrote about them on Squidoo (“Two Easy Apple Experiments”) — the photo gallery module was buggy, so we didn’t include it for that post, but I hope to go back and add it another day when the module cooperates.

I had my PET scan on Tuesday – no radiation except in my thyroid remnants! This is very good news. My big boys surprised me with a gorgeous bouquet of hydrangea blossoms, fresh cut from the nursery. Aren’t they spectacular?

So, that means, no more low-iodine eating! I celebrated by finishing up the great veggie stir-fry that I made the night before (I DID, after all, lose a bunch of weight on the diet, so it had its merits), with a Campari cocktail.

Like so many of you, we had a bit of a weather issue, named Superstorm Sandy, at the beginning of the week. We were blessed to be out of power only about 30 hrs, and did not suffer any damages as we did with storms last year (thank God). But we keep our coastal friends in prayer. Check out today’s Favorite Photo Friday post for a fantastic photo that my hubbie snapped on his camera just before the storm rolled in. I took video during the storm, which I couldn’t upload without having a better battery charge on my phone. Stay tuned!

Being without power was a great adventure for our youngest son, who continued his homeschool writing projects by candlelight (“I’m working like Abraham Lincoln, Mami!”). Public school was closed for only two days here, even though many buses couldn’t reach students still, on Wednesday.

During daylight hours, he spent time singing, rapping and playing his trombone (Hot Cross Buns is the newest song in his trombonist repertoire), while his musician dad recorded him on his cell phone. We’re trying to figure out how to upload them now — we’ll share when we do!

I missed eggs during my low-iodine diet (although I ate Egg-Beaters). Imagine my surprise to find one special “Eggland’s Best” egg in the carton of store brand eggs when I ate my first batch again, one specially stamped for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is very important to us in our house, these days.

We hope to be back to a “normal” (haha) schedule this coming week. And we hope all of you will be, too.