An ominous sky just before Superstorm Sandy rolled in (Photo Credit: (c) Anthony Bennett, 2012. Photo used with permission.)

I pray that this post finds you all safe and sound. What a week it has been!

You really can’t write about this week without talking about the hurricane/ Nor’Easter/ Uberstorm that most of the Eastern United States experienced this week. As of right now, there are still nearly 167,000 Connecticut residents without power (down from about 476,000 right after the storm). Crews are working non-stop to restore some kind of normalcy to life here on the East Coast, but, for our friends in NYC, NJ and the shoreline communities of Connecticut, having no power is only a part of the devastation that they endured. We keep them in prayer.

My husband snapped this photo with his cell phone when he was walking the dog on Monday morning. At that point, we had everything secured, and were just waiting for Sandy’s arrival. The air was tropical and thick, and the clouds, as you can see, looked like they were boiling. Wild.

I love the way the apartment buildings look so tiny, and the sky looms with such forboding. It was a long night.

I bid you all peace, relief and restoration.