A delicious assortment of peppers from the farmer’s market. (c) Kim M. Bennett, 2012.


For the past two weeks, I have been on a low-iodine diet, in preparation for radioactive iodine treatment later in the month. In my cooking blog, Back to the Garden, I have been chronicling my progress, and posting menus and recipes that I have found, adapted or created, that are tasty additions to a low-iodine diet. The series is linked from the main post, “Three Weeks of Low-Iodine Menus.”

On my last visit to the orchard, I picked up orange and black bell peppers and Italian frying peppers (green), which, when combined with a sliced yellow onion and some minced garlic, became the basis for a lot of my meals that week — or a side dish, all by themselves! Beautiful and tasty… And low-iodine (if I used non-iodized salt).

We finished the last peppers with this dish, above. Time to go back to the orchard…