I just LOVE the  graphic for this planner!

I’m very visual, and this organizer is PERFECT, not only because it captures why we homeschool (education is more than the bottom left circle, after all), but because it also helps me determine the kind of product to expect (the joy of discovery, an animated discussion, a life experience, or a perfectly executed work sample). This is terrific! Thanks to Practical Pages for sharing.

Practical Pages

Most homeschool moms plan to do it all …

but most weeks, we fall short,

fall behind …

My secret to fitting in most of the extras in our curriculum is to

 do “One More Thing” after our basics …

We have a …

Theme for the Day

Our homeschool mornings start at about 9:30am after chores, farm rounds, milking and breakfast.

Every week,  I plan to cover all these areas in our school work ~

 Overview Year Planner ~ My version of the a Home Model by Clay & Sally Clarkson “The Wholehearted Child”

Our first lesson is Discipleship Studies with a short Bible Study, review our scripture memory, sing a hymn and end with prayer.

Everyone settles down to Disciplined Studies ~ short lessons (+ 10 minutes to 15 minutes each)

  • Maths
  • Spelling
  • Language Arts & Dictation (which is also Handwriting practice for the younger kids)

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