Christ before Pontius Pilate, Mihály Munkácsy,...
Christ before Pontius Pilate, Mihály Munkácsy, 1881 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“The high priest  then  asked   Jesus  of  his  disciples,  and  of  his  doctrine.  Jesus  answered   him,  ‘I  spake   openly  to the world;  I  ever  taught   in  the synagogue,  and  in  the temple,  whither  the Jews  always  resort; and  in  secret  have I said   nothing.  Why  askest thou   me?  ask  them which heard me  , what  I have said  unto them:  behold,  they  know   what  I  said .’  And  when he  had   thus  spoken  , one  of the officers  which stood by   struck  Jesus  with the palm of his hand, saying, ‘Answerest thou   the high priest  so?’  Jesus  answered   him,  ‘If  I have spoken   evil,  bear witness   of  the evil:  but  if  well,  why  smitest   thou me?’

Now Annas  had sent   him  bound   unto  Caiaphas  the high priest.  And  Simon  Peter  stood   and  warmed himself. They said   therefore  unto him,  ‘Art   not  thou  also  one of  his  disciples?’  He  denied   it, and  said, ‘I am   not.’   One  of  the servants  of the high priest,  being   his kinsman  whose  ear  Peter  cut off , saith, ‘Did   not  I  see   thee  in  the garden  with  him?’  Peter  then  denied   again:  and  immediately  the cock  crew.

Then  led they  Jesus  from  Caiaphas  unto  the hall of judgment:  and  it was   early;  and  they themselves  went   not  into  the judgment hall,  lest  they should be defiled; but  that  they might eat   the passover.  Pilate  then  went out   unto  them,  and  said, ‘What  accusation  bring ye   against  this  man?’  They answered   and  said   unto him, ‘ If   he  were   not  a malefactor,  we would  not  have delivered   him  up   unto thee. ‘ Then  said   Pilate  unto them,  ‘Take   ye  him,  and  judge   him  according  to your  law.’  The Jews  therefore  said   unto him,  ‘It is   not  lawful   for us  to put   any man  to death’:  That  the saying  of Jesus  might be fulfilled, which  he spake, signifying   what  death  he should   die.

Then  Pilate  entered   into  the judgment hall  again,  and  called   Jesus,  and  said   unto him,  ‘Art   thou  the King  of the Jews?  Jesus  answered   him,  ‘Sayest   thou  this thing  of  thyself,  or  did others  tell it   thee  of  me?’   Pilate  answered, ‘Am   I  a Jew?  Thine own  nation  and  the chief priests  have delivered   thee  unto me:  what  hast thou done?’  Jesus  answered, ‘My  kingdom  is   not  of  this  world:  if  my  kingdom  were   of  this  world,  then would  my  servants  fight, that   I should   not  be delivered   to the Jews:  but  now  is   my  kingdom  not  from hence.’  Pilate  therefore  said   unto him,  ‘Art   thou  a king  then?’  Jesus  answered , ‘Thou  sayest   that  I  am   a king.  To  this  end was   I  born, and  for  this  cause came I   into  the world,  that  I should bear witness   unto the truth.  Every one  that is   of  the truth  heareth   my  voice.’  Pilate  saith   unto him,  ‘What  is   truth?

And  when he had said   this,  he went out   again  unto  the Jews,  and  saith   unto them,  ‘I  find   in  him  no  fault  at all. But  ye  have   a custom,  that  I should release   unto you  one  at  the passover:  will ye   therefore  that I release   unto you  the King  of the Jews?’  Then  cried they   all  again,  saying, ‘Not  this man,  but  Barabbas.’

Now  Barabbas  was   a robber.”

John 18:19-40

What is truth? Deutsch: Was ist Wahrheit? Fran...
What is truth? Deutsch: Was ist Wahrheit? Français : “Qu’est-ce que la vérité ?” Le Christ et Pilate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


What I learned from this passage, today:




  1. If Jesus was persecuted for speaking the truth, and He was perfect, why should I expect something different?
  2. The people who will be first to leave us hanging might just be the last people we would expect.
  3. Fighting is not the way to win anyone to Jesus. Baffle them with meekness.
  4. Most people’s eyes and hearts are blinded to the truth. They have no idea.
  5. Be careful of the customs of men. They are often contrary to the Word of God, and can have dangerous results — be discerning.
  6. The world loves a robber more than the Prince of Peace.
  7. No matter how much we love Him, all of us will deny Jesus at some point in our lives — look at Peter.

But, here’s the good news, and God’s grace…

Jesus already knew Peter was going to betray Him, forgave Peter ahead of time, and used Him in a mighty way in the kingdom, despite his shortcomings. Isn’t He just wonderful?


Be blessed everyone!


Corcovado jesus
Corcovado jesus (Photo credit: @Doug88888)