Here are just a few of the things I LOVE, on Pinterest this week.

Pinterest has become my “go-to” place for nearly everything. No more accidentally finding something online, only to fail to repeat the special sequence of Google searches required to get there, again. All my favorite stuff is now organized, with photos, in a way that looks like my brain!

There is so much on Pinterest: things to laugh at, things to try, things that just make me go, “Ooh… I like that!” and things to file away for later. Here are the four pins that caught my eye and made me press that, “Ooh, I like…” button (NOTE: I’ve been a good blogger and have gone to the ORIGINAL sources for the images, rather than simply linking to Pinterest):

Back to School … Wherever it is!

I love my homeschooling friends. They have great ideas, and share so freely!

Barbara McCoy, homeschooler/blogger/artist at Harmony Art Mom, is giving away a free Vincent Van Gogh notebooking page — it is gorgeous, and you will definitely want to check out her unit studies if you have a budding artist at home. For those who who want high-quality music studies for their homeschoolers, Amy Pak has produced a beautiful lapbook on composers, that comes complete with six unit studies, links to over 29 hours of audio clips, and much, much more. Click on the images, below, for links to these blogs, and more download information. Also check out my Pinterest board, “Art Projects,” for more ideas from these, and many other, artistic homeschoolers.

Vincent Van Gogh Notebooking Page, by Harmony Art Mom
Composers,” a complete lap book and 6-unit study by Homeschool in the Woods ($18.95)

Health and Fitness

If you have been following my 3 in 30 Challenge posts, you will already know that I have been working hard to make my 51st year on the planet a year of health and wellness.  I saw this graphic, from The Skinny Rules, by Bob Harper, and want to blow it up into a full-sized poster for my refrigerator — it sums up my wellness plan, perfectly. What a great source of ideas for 3 in 30 Challenges! (Hmmm… I’m thinking, “20 Weeks to a Healthier Me” – weekly posts on Back to the Garden).

The Skinny Rules, by Bob Harper ($20, Barnes & Noble)

Gardening, Inside and Out…

I have always loved gardening, even when my garden was just a windowsill. I saw JooJoo‘s windowsill cactus garden on Pinterest and I just loved it! What a great idea for someone who only has that windowsill, can’t get around a lot to do heavy garden work, or someone who wants a garden but doesn’t have time or daylight hours to create one outside.

Furry Friends…

My friend, Mike Madden, from Cookies in Bloom, combs the Internet for fun, funny, and fabulous photos of all kinds. Here is one I just love, showing my favorite animal friends, kitties…

Too cute!

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s “LOVE It!”  Come back next week for more of my favorite Pinterest pins!

~ Kim