And just like that, it’s August… (Photo (c) Kim M. Bennett, 2012)

July was a whirlwind. A few REALLY unexpected things kept me from accomplishing the goals that I set for July — totally outside my control. But there’s always August…

So, without further ado, my…

August 3 in 30 Goals!

  • New e-Book! I’ve been working hard on a new science website, Simple Science Strategies, written with classroom teachers and homeschoolers, alike, in mind. This month, I will be releasing the Simple Science September newsletter, and my first e-Book, 20 Simple Science Centers. Stay tuned for more information, or subscribe to the Simple Science Strategies page for updates to your inbox.

  • Office Move … The Continuing Saga… Ok, let’s break that July task down into reasonable chunks. Step 1: Clean out the old library (I mean, empty) so that I have a place to sort and stage all the teaching materials currently stored in the spare room. (This step, alone, will involve cleaning, emptying and moving bookshelves, trips to Goodwill, moving an old computer table, etc… Plenty to do in one month).
The “old” new office/school room, which needs to be relocated to the “new” new office/school room… (Photo: (c) Kim M. Bennett, 2012)
  • Hit the beach! I desperately want (maybe NEED) to go to the beach. I ate at Captain Scott’s on the docks of New London last Friday, with two dear friends, and didn’t want to leave.
The best seafood in New London — Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock

Of the three, the last one is one I just have to say, “Let’s go!” and do it. The second one is not soooo bad (with my cleaner husband extraordinaire, as encourager). The first one is one that requires discipline. But I can do it!

I won’t even include it as a goal, but I also want to add a 2012 angel to my garden angel collection. I have purchased four over the last 8 years, and have picked them up at various places. Either that, or a new bird bath. My last one (a nice copper one I ordered online from Plow and Hearth) lost its life when a silver maple fell on it during Storm Alfred in 2011.

Plow and Hearth has some really interesting garden whimsicals, besides angel statues (there is an adorable fairy garden furniture set that reminds me of the faerie houses that we used to build during hikes on Monhegan Island in Maine). Click on the link, below, to find out what garden things are on sale this week.


Plow & Hearth