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The Prophet, Isaiah. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine!” (Isaiah 43:1, NASB).

What’s in a Word?

Time for another one of my Bible study techniques. Let’s do a little word study on the word, “mine.”

I love Dictionary.com. The home page is like MTV: you could spend the whole day cruising around and finding out a bunch of interesting tidbits and not get bored. If you look the word, “mine” up on Dictionary.com, it says this:

Image credit: (c) 2012 Dictionary.com

Something that is mine is something that I possess, something that belongs to me. I bought this laptop at Staples. I gave the clerk money, and he gave me the laptop, giving me free title to take it from the store and do whatever I want with it. Because I paid in full, no one else can hold claim to it in any way. This computer was bought with a price.

So, what does it mean to “possess” something? Among other things, it means:

  1. to have or own…
  2. to have as a quality…
  3. to occupy, dominate or control from the inside…

What Does Mean to Belong to God?

The scripture from Isaiah tells us this:

  • God has bought us for a price; He has redeemed us by paying the exact price for us.
  • Because He paid in full, no one else can lay claim to us.
  • He has placed His spirit within us, and His spirit prevails within us, making us look and sound just like Him.
  • He has given us His own Name — our lineage is stamped on us.

Someone once looked at my youngest son and told my husband, “It looks like you spit him out — he looks just like you!” The scripture in Isaiah tells us the same about being a Child of the Most High — when we walk down the street, when we are at school or work, when we sit down at the dinner table, people see our Father there.


Today, how can I reflect the qualities of God? How will the world know what Family I belong to?