Cover of "Tortured for Christ"
Cover of Tortured for Christ


In Tortured for Christ, author and missionary Richard Wurmbrand says this about evangelizing in Communist Russia during World War II:

“[The Russians] were not just converted. We should never stop at having won a soul for Christ. By this, we have only done half the work. Every soul won for Christ must be made to be a soul-winner. The Russians were not only converted, but became “missionaries” in the Underground Church. They were reckless and daring for Christ, always saying that it was the least they could do for Christ who died for them.” (Tortured for Christ, p. 27)

Consider the lives, and deaths, of those who walked with Jesus:

  • James (the brother of Jesus): Put to death by Herod Agrippa, 44 AD (put to death by Herod Agrippa I), according to Acts 12:1-2
  • Matthew: According to legend, martyred in Ethiopia,  53 AD or later
  • Simon Peter: Put to death during Nero’s persecution of Christians,  67 AD; according to Origenm, his last defiant act was a request to be crucified upside down
  • Andrew: Traditions hold him to have been crucified at Patrae in Achaia
  • Philip: According to tradition, died during ministry at Hierapolis
  • Thomas: According to  tradition, martyred (by lance) in Persia or India
  • James Alpheus: According to tradition, thrown from down from the temple wall by the scribes and pharisees, then stoned and clubbed in the head until dead
  • Jude (brother of Jesus): Martyred in Persia
  • John the Evangelist: Died in prison in Patmos after writing the Revelation, c. 89-120 AD

Are we reckless and daring for Christ?