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Here we are in the middle of July. How did that happen?

I have to confess that this was not a week of much forward momentum in my July goals — through no one’s fault, nor any slacking off on anyone’s part. But I did have an opportunity to catch up on blogging and media during the week, in a vaguely, shoe-string sort of related way.

Here are my goals for the month, as a reminder:

July Goals:

  1. Work: Move my office downstairs to its new location.
  2. Family: Do something fun with my family, every day.
  3. Self: Juice every morning.

The Office Move is on a Health Hiatus

“He Who Moves Book Shelves” ended up with a terrible case of pneumonia, and we spent the better part of the last week driving back and forth between home and the hospital (a place he desperately needed to be). Being an overall hearty soul, my husband fought off what he was passing off as allergy-related asthma, until the stomach bug I told you about pushed him over the edge. Not good.

During my moments here at the house, I started (another!) blog, Simple Science Strategies. It’s a baby-sized blog now — just a few posts while I experimented with formatting and content, but I will be adding to it regularly from this week, throughout the summer. Please stop in — if you are a homeschooler, or an elementary science teacher, this will be your place to go for quick science activities that teach big science concepts and skills. Click on the link in this section, or on my badge in the sidebar.

Back Together Again…

We are a very close family. We didn’t like being apart from Papi at all. So we are doing fun things that he can do as he recovers, such as watch movies, play video games, read and take (slow) walks around the neighborhood. The other day, he carried water for me as I watered my front garden.

Some exciting follow-ups to our family activities from last week, though…

  1. Our Making Watermelon Sorbet article received a Purple Star Award, and the Lens of the Day Award last week! This is exciting stuff! I added a section on the nutritional value of this delightful frozen treat, as well as ideas for reducing the calories through sugar substitutes, per the request of some readers.

  1. I just posted a new Squidoo lens on our tie dyeing fun, called Crafting With Kids — Summer Tie Dye! I included some links and information on using natural plant dyes which you can make from plant materials around your home — that will definitely be on our list of things to do this summer.

  1. The front garden has some new residents: some eggplants, some cucumbers (picked from both already!), new roses, and a sunflower that we bought my husband as a get well gift. You can see all my roses in my Squidoo lens, Love Your Roses — And They’ll Love You Back!

I told you — I got a chance to catch up on media!

We were supposed to have a beach day last week. But, between DH’s illness and the Great White Shark (!) sightings off the coasts of Cape Cod and the Connecticut Shoreline, I think I’ll stay inland for a minute.

It’s a Juicy Situation…

I love my new juicer. As much as anyone can love a small appliance, that is. It is providing me with a whole new creative outlet!

I have continued to juice every morning, and have one juice meal each day (usually breakfast). I have been making the ones I described above, and added these new ones:

Today, I broke the cycle and made something in my (gasp!) blender (from Use Real Butter):

  • 4 bananas, sliced into 1/2 in. slices then frozen
  • 2 T creamy peanut butter
  • 2 T cocoa powder

I whirled everything together in my blender until smooth — looked (and tasted!) like a softserve chocolate ice cream! My little guy hunkered over his bowl like he meant business!

I’m still in search of the perfect recipe for using the juicer pulp — they seem to vary because juicers vary so much in how much juice they extract from the fruits and vegetables: the more they extract, the more liquid and sugar you have to add to compensate. I am going to try the Hillbilly Housewife‘s Juicer Pulp Sweet Bread tomorrow — stay tuned!

“Forever, O Lord, Thy Word is settled in Heaven.” — Psalm 119:89

On a “Pink” Note

I had a follow-up with a radiologist last week to re-examine a neoplasia (that means “a new lump”) on my thyroid. After closer examination, the doctor said it’s just an ordinary nodule – no B/C there! (We’ll await the biopsy results, but we are confident!).  (“For He IS faithful, the One who promised… ” [Heb 10:23]).