We are playing around with the “Five in a Row” style of homeschooling this summer, to see if we like it for re-organizing our studies in the fall. For those of you who are not familiar with “FIAR,” the basic structure is this:

  • Choose a main piece of literature that you will read (or, in the case of picture books, re-read) and narrate from every day.
  • Dedicate each day of the week for a particular subject matter: Monday = Social Studies; Tuesday = Language Arts; Wednesday = Creative Arts; Thursday = Applied Math; Friday = Science.
  • On each day of the week, fill the day with activities that are suggested by the content of your book.

We have been working our way through some children’s classics this summer, including The Swiss Family Robinson, and one recent “creative arts” day, we wanted to do a cooking project using summer fruit, since Mrs. Robinson spends so much time in TSFR cooking up meals using the local produce of “New Switzerland.” We used a half of a watermelon left over from a cook-out, and made a delectable Watermelon Sorbet, and ate it in our backyard gazebo.

Fun and tasty summer homeschool!

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