Kitchen garden
Kitchen garden (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What an action packed month!  School just got out a moment ago, but the days have been so full already!

Here in New England, the weather has been hot. Really hot. I mean, tropical rainforest, burn the soles of your feet on the driveway hot.  And it seems like it’s been summer since the middle of February.

Here are the way that my goals have wrapped up for the month:

3in30 Challenge


1. Revamp the blog.   … DONE!

I have nearly all my major headings in place now, and I’ve been writing like crazy — so much fun! I have learned many new things this month, and am looking forward to a full summer month of blogging and research.  Just this week, between all my blogs, I’ve written 8 blog posts, pinned about a zillion pins on my Pinterest boards, and completed five blog maintenance tasks.  I now have 57 Pinterest boards on various topics related to blogging, homeschool, education and greenliving. I just love it!

I do have one confession to make, however. I ditched the printable blog planner pages, all of them. As I wrote about in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Create,  my old printer died. I was putting off the resumption of this goal until I replaced it, but I had too much to do to wait on a new printer, so I bought this cute little calendar by CarolinaPad (the Studio C “Poppy Palooza” line), and it is doing the job just fine… Meanwhile, I bought a new printer, and have named it Hal, because I think it reads my mind…

Because I am one of those “multiple blog” people, I have to keep track of multiple deadlines, so I decided to color code my calendar entries to help me organize:



2. Install front kitchen garden.   DONE!


I have finished the walkway garden on the left side of my walkway, and have begun the other side. Most spots are filled on the new side, but some are reserved for plants yet to be discovered and loved!

My eldest son recently gave me an assortment of hybrid tea roses from his nursery that were no longer saleable, because they were odd numbers from a lot, or damaged in some way. They are just gorgeous! After they finish flowering, they will be cleaned up and they will be just delightful in my garden.

I have written at greater length about my June garden in my sister blog, “Books and Blooms” — “New Additions to My Garden! June Updates.”

3. Exercising …. well… yes and no…

Ok, ok, I’ll say it… I hate working out! No matter how cute the workout looks, I hate it. I played all kinds of sports and did well, as a kid. But working out is all the discomfort with none of the fun.

I would NEVER tell anyone not to exercise or work out. My eldest son does physical work all day, but enjoys the mental housecleaning that happens when he works out. Some people love it. I don’t. BUT I do love working outside, and spend a lot of time renovating our 1896 home.

So that’s the bad news — no sustained exercise program. We’ll deal with “stick-to-it-iveness” in a different way.

BUT, the good news is… since May 1, I have lost 11 pounds! I did it by working outside in the garden for at least a hour a day, usually lots more, and, mostly, by cutting out snacks. So my learning points this month are these:

  1. Don’t eat when I’m not hungry. – Self-explanatory
  2. Pay attention to serving size.  – One serving of potato chips, for example, is 15 chips. That’s enough to make me happy, but not so many that my waistline cries out in anguish.
  3. Take activity up a notch. – Don’t lay down when I can sit up; don’t sit when I can stand; don’t stand still if I can walk around; etc., etc., etc.

I’ll keep you posted. I need to start walking, but it’s been so hot.

July Goals:

  1. Work: Move my office downstairs to its new location.
  2. Family: Do something fun with my family, every day.
  3. Self: Juice every morning.