As part of my “3 in 30 Challenge” for the past month, I have been installing a flower bed in my front yard. It is looking lovely (if not quite yet filled in).

Like any good horticulturist, I know that plants transplant better when you cut back any growth that will take away from roots setting into the soil in the plant’s new home. So I cut back my plants as I transplanted them from their old, overgrown spots into their new, more spacious, residence.

As my eldest son helped me pinch back the flowers from my basil plants (to encourage more leafy growth), we commented on the great smell that was filling the air, and he remarked, “These plants would make a nice centerpiece, wouldn’t they?” I looked at the dainty flower spikes from the basil, and the coreopsis flowers that I had removed from some other garden transplants, and immediately scooped them up for my kitchen table.

Here they are, in the creamer pitcher that goes with my china set.

Check back on Monday for my “3 in 30 Challenge” update, and see what new things have happened in my new garden. Stay cool!


Clippings from my “3 in 30” front garden… ((c) 2012 Kim Bennett. All rights reserved)