So All Can Learn…

In my other life, I am an education consultant. I work with schools all over the country on many issues regarding  school improvement. One issue that is at the forefront of everyone’s minds is making schools better places to learn, and work, by bettering the climate. What a timely topic, in light of the bullying of school bus monitor Karen Klein by a group of middle school boys, last week.


School climate is feeling you get when you walk into a school. It is an elusive element of a school, encompassing so many different things: the behavior of children and adults in the building, the decor, the rigor and relevance of instruction, the engagement of students and staff in the learning process, the kinds of downtime activities that are offered, the involvement of parents and the community in the life of the school, the communication between kids, adults and those beyond the school walls, even down to the menu, the homework policy and the dress code. You know a positive climate when you see it, just like you can identify a lifeless or even toxic climate when you enter one of them, as well.


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I am attending a 5-day training next month on school climate, and wanted to share my reading list. I will be talking more about these readings individually in my business blog, “Tip of the Week,” but I wanted to share these with you all in clase you are looking for some summer professional reading:



Other Important Resources: