Many of you have pets, I’m sure. Rosalita (whom my husband refers to as “Rosie,” despite my insistence that we don’t “do” nicknames), has been my kitty for 10 years now. She is about 12 years old, and is a rescued kitty. 

It was 2002, and I had just moved into my apartment after my divorce, and needed a companion to replace my previous kitty who had passed away of kidney failure, after 20 years. I didn’t want a kitten, as I was working as a school teacher, and wouldn’t be home during the day. I happened to drive past my veterinarian daily, so, on a lark, I stopped in and asked if they had any “boarders,” kitties that had been left and never picked up. They said they had a family of kitties that had been brought in and were living with one of the vet techs as fosters, but that all the babies had been adopted out — all that was left was the one they called “Mama Cat.”

Mama Cat was about 2, and had been brought in by a young couple as a stray. At the vet, she was very sweet dispositioned, but would become very agitated when the kittens in nearby cages would cry. About 2 days after she was brought in, the couple who brought her in came in, distraught, with litter of kittens that, apparently, had been left in the woods when they unknowingly picked up their mother as a stray. Mama Cat was reunited, happily, with her babies, and the vet tech took them home until suitable homes could be found for them. When her kittens were weaned, she was spayed.

I was so glad, as I didn’t want a kitten. I saw pictures of her, and they said she was very sweet, loved her toys, and was an excellent mother. I made arrangements to pick her up that week.

I have had so many pets since I was a kid. Some were outstanding, others, not so. Rosie is the kind of kitty who never does anything wrong. She doesn’t miss the catbox, she doesn’t cough up hairballs, never claws the furniture, and has put up with new puppies, new kitties, new babies, and several moves. She tolerates shenanigans but then firmly reminds all the furry residents who is the queen. She is just the best cat.

When I first started dating my husband, he came to my apartment, and Rosie (who really likes men), waltzed right over the top of me to get to him! What a flirt! The two of them have been an “item” ever since then.

At the risk of posting another hokey pet photo, my baby, Rosalita, is my Favorite Photo for this Friday. Here she is lounging in our back yard, looking like a lioness.

Rosie, lounging in the back yard on a summer day

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