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Good morning, everyone!

I apologize that I didn’t get this up on our actual “Friday” (is it Friday somewhere, still?). Yesterday was so gorgeous, that we spent most of the day puttering around outside, and soaking up the sunshine. And I’m not sorry that I did it!

This week’s photo is not a “favorite” in the “gee, I love this” sense. It is a favorite for its importance, for what it taught me, for the way it reminded me of the things that people are capable of, given their baser instincts for power and wealth, at all costs.

During a family project, my youngest son and I were using to research our family’s rich heritage. My father’s family comes from Italy. His dad’s family came, one by one, from Italy, each brother working and saving money to fetch the next in line to come. The last to arrive was their mother, who didn’t want to leave Italy, but missed her children. The large family lived in a flat over the grocery store that they ran in the Bronx. My aunts report that the grocery store is still there.

My mom’s family arrived from England with the Pilgrims on the Mayflower, and continued to arrive in Massachusetts for the rest of the Puritan Migration.  As the settlement increased in size, the family moved to Connecticut, New York and other parts west. Sprinkled in there are some French and Irish folks who made their way to Upstate New York by way of Canada, and some Native American roots, as well.

My husband’s family is African-American, and, although not all African-Americans are descended from slaves, our family has long known that this was the case with ours. Researching African-American geneology is challenging for those descended from former slaves, as there are few records available for review.  One document that we learned about was the slave schedule