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I am so honored…

Thank you to Peg at Listening for Joy  for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  Peg, you wrote such lovely things about my blog — I am so glad it a blessing to you! This means a lot to me!

Peg doesn’t know this history,  but I’ll share it with you:

I had never blogged, nor really ever READ any blogs, until 2009. That’s the year that I learned that I was going to have an adventure with breast cancer (see  “My Story“). I continued to work as long as I could, but then I took some medical leave, and my employer graciously let me take my laptop home with me.

It was during these long days recovering at home that I re-discovered the land most of our kids have navigated since birth. I was very tech savvy, but only as a user, not as a content sharer or developer. During the winter of 2009/10, I  …

  • started my personal Facebook page;
  • discovered the addictive qualities of Farmville;
  • discovered my cousin was about 3 wks behind me in her breast cancer treatment (through Facebook);
  • posted my first post in my first blog (Back to the Garden) — a blog about healthy living inspired by my desire to live and be healthy!

At that time, I also started (but recently deleted) another blog, “The Sisterhood,” about surviving breast cancer. As King Solomon once said, “To everything there is a season…” (Eccl 3:1). I have a feeling that my posts now would be different than the posts I wrote during my treatment. So I think God put the brakes on that one.

So, I thank Peg for nominating me for this award, for an activity which has been both a creative outlet and a healing experience to me for the last three years.


Peg shared with me the three rules for this award:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.

2. Tell 7 things about yourself that will not have come up in your blog entries.

3. Pass it on to 7 blogs you find inspiring and explain why.


Seven Things I Forgot to Mention in My Blog…

  1. I have 4 children (ages 30, 24, 22 and 8) and 5 grandchildren (ages 10 to just under 2).
  2. I can’t remember what my real hair color is (well, I’m just being honest!).
  3. My favorite food of all time is popcorn — all of it — as far as the eye can see…
  4. I once saw a volcano erupt while on vacation in Mexico.
  5. I am not crazy about meat, but can be persuaded if it’s something really tasty.
  6. I was a sprinter in high school (and still hold school records for the 220-yd dash and the 880-yd medley relay).
  7. I love to sing and listen to gospel music.


Bloggers (and their blogs) who inspire me…

This was hard! I see so many wonderful bloggers each day! Here’s my best shot, as of 5:50 p.m. on Saturday, 6/9/2012:

  • Jenn @ Mama Jenn:  It was actually a look at Jenn’s blog that inspired me to overhaul my own main blog and pull all my different little “projects” into one place, and that gave me the idea to use pull-down menus at the main navigation bar. I love the way her blog looks and feels. I’m thinking that Jenn and I have brains that work the same way. Thanks, Jenn!
  • Barb @ Handbook of Nature Study:  It was Barb’s Outdoor Hour Challenges  and other articles that encouraged me to use our family’s love of nature and the outdoors as a great homeschool experience. Hers was also the first “Linky” experience I had as a blogger! And Barb always gives feedback on posts and comments — very appreciated by a new blogger! Thank you, Barb!
  • Susanne @ Hillbilly Housewife: These days most families have gone through a period of “slim to none” — ours has been no exception, with medical leave and disability pay, lay-offs and cut hours, and shrinking retirement accounts. I have so appreciated the helpful ideas and advice Susanne has given for decreasing food and household costs through a little ingenuity and a lot of  strategy. I especially like her tips on reducing your grocery bill – important with as many boys as I have! Thank you, Susanne!
  • Deborah @ The Paper Maid: I first “met” Deborah through Facebook, both of us reading and commenting on Christian post topics. I just get a warm and fuzzy feeling when I read her blog posts, like I’m sitting in her parlor with her and her little ones. And she shares the Gospel with dedication and a loving touch. She closed down her blog for a minute after the birth of her youngest daughter, but I’m glad she’s back! Thank you, Deborah!
  • Donna @ Donna Printables and Resources: When we first started homeschooling our youngest son, in the middle of first grade, we didn’t really know how to begin. I discovered Donna’s blog and website, and all her wonderful homeschool scheduling tools and forms, and found exactly what I needed! Donna is a sharer, and I am so glad for it! Thank you, Donna!
  • Mary @ Homegrown Learners: Mary is one of my newest blogging “friends” — we share Pinterest boards and Twitter feeds. Her blog is fun to look at and easy to read. I am a math-y, science-y, nature-y kind of homeschooler, and she is an artsy, music-y kind of homeschooler, so I find her posts fill in the holes where I know I need help. Thank you, Mary!
  • Jimmie @ Jimmie’s Collage: Just referring to life as a “collage” makes me love Jimmie! Jimmie’s material shows up on a lot of homeschool blogs. I turn to her blog when I want to see what the essential “must haves” might be for a homeschool topic (such as “The Top 10 Charlotte Mason Must-Haves“). I feel like I can make a to-do list with every blog post. Thanks, Jimmie!


Ladies, I have you all on blogger speed dial! Have a blessed day (and pass on the award…)!