We have had the most excitingly delightful weather the last few days — summery during the day, so you can go outside in shorts and garden and play all day, then building to thunderstorms that water in everything you planted and make for nice sleeping. Who can complain about that? I wish it lasted all year long.

The other day, my youngest son took his ATV out for a ride around the circular drive in our neighborhood. Some of the little girls wanted a ride, and got their helmets. Here he is with his beautiful friend, Ivy.  Isn’t this too cute for words?

Malik and Ivy take a spin.

NOTE: All the parents were looking on. My eldest son and Ivy’s dad wanted to hang cans (root beer, of course) from the back bumper of the ATV, and tape on a sign that said, “Just Married…”   Are we meddling? 😉

Friends, enjoy your children — they don’t stay children long, and you miss them so much when they grow up and move away. Enjoy your friends — a man who has friends has riches, indeed. Enjoy the sunshine and a flower — God didn’t have to make these things beautiful, but He did. Why?

“… Because He loved us first.” (1 John 4:19)

 (Posted on the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, as part of the Post a Day 2012 Challenge)