It seems like I just joined the 3 in 30 Challenge — oh, wait… I DID just join it! Anyway, here is how things went for the (short) month of May:


My Three May Goals:

  1. Visit the Food Preparation and Planning Board at Pinterest, daily.   [not enough time 😦  ]
  2. Start a weekly Blog Planner and use it! Done!
  3. Install a flower bed in my front yard. Done!


My May Progress

Here is how I did:

The Food Preparation and Planning Board at Pinterest has so many great ideas. I couldn’t do it service in the short time that I was in the May Menu Planning Challenge. But please do check it out, if you’re looking for ways to streamline how your household meal-planning routines are going. I’ve been blogging, working, gardening and tied up with my son’s baseball season, and haven’t had the time or energy to devote to this project. I’m just being honest with you!

English: Red Pinterest logo


I downloaded a cute blog planner from Homeschoolin’ Mama, and was very successful with it for the past week.  My newest blog, On Planting Seeds, has been undergoing major structural work this week, inspired by the many amazing bloggers whose blogs I read each week, and I have been doing both set-up work and writing. I used the brainstorming sheet to write down all the menus and submenus that I desired in my new blog, decided where I was going to link to my other online sites and blogs, and how often I would update each menu section (weekly, monthly or on an occasional basis). Then, I made a list of the things that were ready to be written up (that is, I had photos taken, or completed projects not requiring any further research). Finally, I assigned one blog set-up activity (adding a new menu item and description, for example) and one write-up (my 3 in 30 weekly link-up, for example) for each day of the week, and just did it!

Homeschoolin Mama 

In the process, I discovered a wonderful blogger who calls herself Mama Jenn. She is giving away a great blog planner to anyone who subscribes to her blog. Her blog post tells how to get the planner, and how she used it to create a plan book. I just love bloggers who share their organizational tips! This is one goal that I am going to roll over to next month in some form.

Mama Jenn


My flower bed is just a delight to come home to each day. I can have so much enjoyment just puttering in a 1′ x 1′ section. Here is the plan I drew up for the bed this week:

Here are the photos from the last week:

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My June Goals:

1. Finish setting up my revamped blog — using blog planning tools to help! [subgoal – create and bind Mama Jenn’s blog planner with Homeschoolin’ Mama’s pages to fill out the months that I’m missing]

2. Finish front kitchen garden installation — as “finished” as any garden bed can ever be!

3. Begin exercising — I found a great workout that requires only a good pair of soft workout shoes.Starting it TODAY! Check it out (thanks, Iowa Girl Eats). I also downloaded an app for my phone, MyFitnessPal, which helps you determine a caloric intake goal for your weight loss goal, and lets you easily log what you eat and any exercise you do. A GREAT accountability tool!

Simple Workout, from Iowa Girl Eats