This week’s selection was taken (by me!) at the Willington Memorial Day Parade this year. It shows you that even a fine musical instrument can be abandoned in the blink of an eye by a 6th grader, if someone mentions “Kool-aid.”

Many folks mistakenly call this instrument a tuba, but it is more accurately called a sousaphone, named after John Philip Sousa. For an article explaining the difference, there is a great You Tube video linked at the bottom of this post, entitled, aptly enough, Differences Between a Tuba and a Sousaphone, as well as a funny video of some sousaphone payback from my graduate alma mater, THE Ohio State University, and a video of the tuba section of the marching band from my undergraduate alma mater, Cornell University, called “The Big Red Tubas” — a group every tuba and sousaphone player tried hard to get into at Cornell.

More Fun Videos About Tubas and Sousaphones…