I didn’t spend time blogging today. Today I spent the morning watching the Memorial DayParade in my town (my youngest son marched with his Little League team), then we all hurried home to prepare for the first outdoor festivities in our new home. In between marinating ribs and preparing pasta seafood salad, I did some laundry, watered plants, and posted the holiday photos to my Facebook page so my family in Florida could see them.

I also did a little project for this page. I learned how to make badges for my various blogs and web pages that I manage, as well as the ones I link to as a contributor (I still have more to do, but I’ll add as I get to them). I love learning new things, especially when it comes to technology.

Remembering the fallen…

For those who are interested in learning how to make badges: I tried many, many websites over the last two days, and this one is the absolute best — you just enter your information, and it creates the badge AND the copyable code for your readers to grab so they can put your badge on their pages, too: “Grab My Button” Code Generator. It will create a badge and code for both Blogger and WordPress blogs (nice, since I have both). And it’s free. All they ask is that you share the word. Consider it shared!

In order to create a button, you’ll have to first upload your image so you can get an online “address” for it. I used Photobucket. I used Windows Live Photo Gallery to crop my image into a square and shrink it to 150×150 pixels, then used Windows Paint to add text, before uploading it to Photobucket. It was not hard, once I found the Code Generator site, above.So go ahead and grab it (it’s in the sidebar to the right). Also check out the widget at the bottom of the side bar, for other places that you can find my posts, including my other blogs and some of my linked blogs (I will be adding more). I am also starting a page just for the resources that I find so very helpful for homeschool, homemaking and bible study, among other things. I hope you find them helpful, too!