I just discovered a great way to get support for all those projects I start, and have a hard time finishing: the “3 in 30 Challenge.”

The idea is simple: by sharing your goals with others, and sharing your progress weekly, you are more likely to accomplish that which you set out to do.

I am joining the May challenge very late, but will do my best at the May Menu Planning Challenge — so helpful when working around work, baseball, gardening and schoolwork schedules for all.

So for this, my first go ’round with the 3 in 30, I have chosen these three goals:

  1. Read and explore one of the meal planning resources each day, from the Food Preparation and Planning Pinterest board.
  2. Create a blog post organizer for all my blogs.
  3. Install a new flower bed in the front of my house.

There are so many goals I need encouragement for! But let’s start with these. Two should be easy, and just involve diligence. The other is work, but lasting enjoyment. So pray for persistence and strength!

If you want more information on the 3 in 30 Challenge, click the button to go to the blog page.

3in30 Challenge