I happened upon this in my Twitter feed this evening. Haven’t used any of the items, but retweeted and wanted to also pass it along to all of you. It’s called “Connect the Thoughts,”  and the website has free placement tests, free homeschool teacher webinars, and other items. It looks like there are samples of the lessons and curriculum for download, and the full courses are for fee. I’d be interested to hear if anyone has tried any of their products.

Here is the company’s own reviews, which, of course, are good, and here are ones from the Well-Trained Mind Forum, which are mixed. One homeschooler blogged with some links to a Yahoo Group to support CTT users.  Users from the Secular Homeschooling Community shared that they (and their kids) either loved it or hated it on their secular homeschool curriculum blog.  Hmmm…  I suppose that’s true about any of them!

Those who were searching specifically for the best secular homeschool curriculum seemed to prefer CTT over others.  We tend to favor Christian materials, but the free placement resources are what caught my eye.

Anyway, I wanted to share with all!


A Map of the Legality of Home schooling around...
A Map of the Legality of Home schooling around the world. Based off of Image:BlankMap-World6.svg. Green is legal, yellow is legal in most political subdivisions but not all or is practiced, but legality is disputed. Red is illegal or unlawful. Orange is generally considered illegal, but untested legally. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)