Jonah Preaches to the Ninevites (Jon. 3:1-10) ...
Jonah Preaches to the Ninevites (Jon. 3:1-10) Русский: Иона проповедует о разрушении Ниневии (Ион. 3:1-10) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, I spent time with Jonah. Boy, is he an object lesson for us!Jonah’s story is one that is familiar even to little ones: God calls Jonah to deliver a message to the city of Nineveh, a humongous, bustling city to the east, that wasn’t acting right, in God’s eyes.  Jonah, unfortunately, headed the other direction!

God intervenes in a mighty way, eventually depositing Jonah, physically, right where He told him to go in the first place. Jonah does what God sent him to do, and the entire city of Nineveh is saved.

One would think that would be the happy ending of the story. But we find Jonah, later in the book, sulking under a tree. When God pushes the issue, Jonah mopes – “I KNEW you’d save them — it’s not fair!” Sour grapes, indeed.

  • Jonah wasn’t afraid of the Ninevites.
  • He wasn’t worried about dangers on the road to Nineveh.
  • He wasn’t unqualified to bring the Word to Nineveh.
  • It was that he didn’t want to share the blessing with them!

How many of us throw up excuses for not doing God’s work, because we think some people deserve God’s blessing more than others?

Final thoughts:

“God is so determined to perfect His good work in us that He will continue to do so with whatever it takes, regardless of the obedience or disobedience of the Christian.” (James Boice, Reformed Resources)

Heavenly Father, thank you for being mindful of me, remembering that I am just dust. I know that your love and tender mercy keep me from getting what I deserve, and your grace provides blessings that I could never earn. Help me to always remember that my righteousness is but filthy rags compared to your goodness, and that I am no more deserving to stand before you than anyone else. You loved me first, with an everlasting love, and I thank you for that. Help me to be like Abraham, so when you call me, I say, “Here I am.”  In Jesus‘ mighty Name. Amen!


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