This is such a fun and funny video. Some of you might avoid Richard Pryor because his comedy is often very adult, but this has no bad language, just a lot of truth and laughter! If you’re a parent or a teacher (or both!), you will recognize this…




my nature journal page 1 10-5-07
my nature journal page 1 10-5-07 (Photo credit: jimmiehomeschoolmom)

Here’s a round-up of scienceĀ ideas I’ve collected for summer and fall… maybe some of them are interesting to you. I have been collecting them on my Pinterest boards… Why don’t you follow me on Pinterest to keep up to date?

And, just for fun, there’s always this…




I’m thinking that will pretty much take us through the summer, and we can always use it toward our science hours for next year, if we are really good!


Stay tuned for my growing collection of art project ideas…

Be blessed!