I love planning for school. Here is what is with on my desk right now, as I plan for next year:

العربية: Deutsch: Alle Pyramiden von Gizeh auf...
This fall, we will begin an in-depth study of Ancient Egypt, to accompany our Bible studies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our texts:

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Planning tools (all online):

Last year, I used the printable scheduling sheets from Donna Young, which are wonderful.  I also used Engrade to log my grades. I am switching to Homeschool Skedtrak for a bunch of reasons:

  1. I can use the same program to schedule and grade (no more “double-entry”).
  2. It automatically creates a daily schedule for me — something I was doing each day.
  3. It accounts for missed activities and reminds me when I need to enter a grade.
  4. It keeps track of hours for each course, for transcript purposes.
  5. My son can log into his account and write a summary of what he did, as a reflective log.
  6. Unlike Engrade, which was made for classroom teachers, Skedtrak is made for homeschoolers — no more “tweaking” the system to make it fit!


Click image for a bilingual lesson on dandelions

I always check the Notebooking Treasury (since I have a membership) whenever I am looking for a notebooking page (Debra has almost everything). Something cool I discovered today:  If you type in “notebooking” into your Google search bar, and select “images,” you will see logos of websites with notebooking pages, plus photos of other folks’ notebooking pages. Almost always, if you see a page that you like, and go to that person’s blog, they provide a link for the place where THEY got the page (or their own link). PLUS, you meet some really interesting homeschoolers. Don’t you just love technology?